Basic Darkroom Course

Our 10 hour introduction to printing in the darkroom course consists of four sessions. Each session takes approximately 2,5 hours and is designed to be a progressive step of the previous one. Participants should have a basic knowledge of using an analog camera and will be asked to shoot two 400 ISO rolls of the same brand (We suggest Kodak Tri-X or Ilford HP5+) before the first session*. 

*We strongly recommend that you use unexpired film, try different light settings and take simple notes on shutter speed, aperture value etc. Hopefully this will help you understand the outcome of each modification and provide more fruitful results later during the course.

Session 1 – Processing B&W films
Film processing equipment

In this first session you will learn about the necessary tools and chemicals to process film and how to use them. You’ll have the chance to prepare your own chemicals, wind your film on reels and process them.

Session 2 – Printing a Contact Sheet

At this step you will learn how to set up a darkroom and print contacts from your negatives which you have processed on your previous session. Paper printing chemicals, paper contrast and how to use the enlarger are a few topics from this session.

Session 3 – Straight Enlarging
Resin Coated Prints

A “straight” print is a print which is not manipulated. Now that you have contact sheets from your negatives, you will be able to select photographs and enlarge them on RC Paper. You will learn about making test strips, using filters, archival washing and preserving your prints and other necessary procedures.

Session 4 – Fiber Based Printing

At this final round you will have the chance to practice your new analog skills in the darkroom with fiber based (FB) paper. The process for Baryta paper requires more time and precision compared to RC but when done right, the results are gracious. You will have the chance to learn about the basics of dodging & burning, spotting your prints and archiving before completing this session.

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