Resin Coated (RC) Printing

13×1850 TRY
18×2465 TRY
24×3080 TRY
30×40120 TRY

Fiber Based (FB) Printing

13×1880 TRY
18×24110 TRY
24×30150 TRY
30×40200 TRY

Exhibition Quality Fiber Based Printing

13×18150 TRY
18×24220 TRY
24×30300 TRY
30×40375 TRY

Second print at the same session %20 off / 3rd %30 off)

Exhibition prints are double fixed and selenium toned for archival permanence.

Prices above are for Ilford MG FB Papers in stock. Please contact us for other fine art papers.

Film Processing

Standart Processing30 TRY
Alternative Processing40 TRY
Contact Sheet30 TRY
Standard Processing + Contact Sheet55 TRY

Pull/Push add %50

Standart Developers are Kodak D-76 and Kodak X-Tol.

Please contact us for alternative developers and methods.

Contact Sheets are printed straight. Manipulation is priced additionally.


Flatbed Scan (600 dpi) (per roll)10 TRY
High Resolution Scan (4000 dpi) (per roll)20 TRY
Color Slide (per slide)5 TRY

HR Scan is only available for 35 mm negatives.

Available scanners are Nikon Super CoolScan 5000 ED and Canon Canoscan 8800F


Basic Darkroom Course

Full Course (4 Sessions)1000 TRY
Per Session (Approx. 2-3 hours)250 TRY

Course materials (RC papers and chemicals) are included.

Re-scheduling limit for an incomplete session is 60 days.